Consulting Services



Areas of Expertise

 Pesticide behavior in soils and water

 Herbicide activity on weeds and crops, including herbicide symptomology

 Weed management in non-crop areas, agronomic crops and horticultural crops

 Effects of weed infestations on crop yield and quality

 Ecology and behavior of invasive weed species

 Influence of tillage and other cultural measures on weed management and herbicide behavior

Consulting Services Offered

 Field investigations related to herbicide/crop complaints.

 Technical support for legal actions pertaining to pesticides.

 Expert testimony.

 Scientific and technical writing (available in all areas of expertise).

 Seminar presentations (available in all areas of expertise).

 Development of educational programs for scientific or public audiences.

 Other services available upon request.

Business Management for Agricultural Professional Societies


MARATHON Agricultural & Environmental Consulting, Inc. currently provides business management and meeting management (including site selection for annual meetings) to the Western Society of Weed Science, the Southern Weed Science Society, and the North Central Weed Science Society. Contact us if you have interest in any of the services we can provide.